Materials Testing


Our laboratory is equiped with high-end devices for producing thin-section and polishing preparations. 

By digital Videomicroscopy all results can be send online to you and an immediate discussion is possible.

In cooperation with other lab´s we offer REM- and EDX-analyzing.


Preparation Service

  • Single or continuous orders
  • 24h-service 


Resolving applicational problemsTesting and comparing different preparation methods


  • Implementing the application on the spot
  • Documentation and evaluation
  • Failure analyzing
  • Pictures for means of advertising and presentations
  • Measurement of microstructures 



We carry out workshops and courses on-the-spot or in selected application-centres. 


Thin-sectioning and grinding techniques, sample preparation

  • We concieve and plan the content of the training to your necessities


Microscopy and documentation

  • Existing methods in your business are reinforced and alternatives are presented 



  • Basics
  • Possibilities of automatization
  • Immuno-histology


Methods of material testing

  • Basics
  • Structure testing
  • Failureanalyzing



  • Save time and costs with our Know-How. To your objectives, individual solutions are developped and translated into action.


Equipment configuration

  • Microtomes, Grinding- and Polishing machines
  • Light microscopes
  • Videosystems for microscopy


Laboratory equipping

  • Equipment, accessories
  • Consumables
  • Furnishings


Solutions of applications

  • Development and adaptation of application methods with regard of your existing processes and requests
  • Inline- Quality Control


QC in material testing

  • Maintaining and elaborating QC-documents
  • Implementation and checking of QC-systems


Process optimization

  • We check if faster, cheaper and more effective test procedures are realizable in your business 



The possibility of presenting tiny things very large is a new option for advertising and design. The very special aesthetics of micro-photography are nearly unrealised by advertising agencies, but do offer some interesting characteristics:


  • a mixture of abstract and realistic illustration of products
  • presetation of quality in detail
  • visual statement of innovative production techniques
  • fresh visual appearance